Sunday, October 18, 2009

VA - Cabbage Part 2 (Cauchy Productions)

I noticed that tristan.koreya posted Cabbage Part IV a couple months ago. That's a great comp with equally ridiculous cover art.  This is the second installment from the series.  I'm particularly fond of Asmodaeus' work(so much so that I added an image to the blog, of the mythical demon).  De BBO, Man's Hate,  Unovidual, and several others put in good efforts here as well. It's your expected mix from a Belgian tape of this period moving from synth/experimental/punk-post-punk and other directions as well. If any can provide Cabbage Parts 1 and 3, please drop a note.



Anonymous said...

Any more music from "Collectionism" known/available?

Johan NL

bingo said...


A few mentions on discogs including a full tape, but all I could scratch up is this comp that has them collaborating on a track:

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your quick response and info.
Dedicated follower of your blog, Johan N:)L

Anonymous said...

Could anyone of you offer the V/A Cabbage Part 1 &/or 3??
I'd appreciate that a lot - just set another comment here.
vr G.

9ynh said...

#1 posted on Crispy Nuggets a few days back, just #3 left then :)