Sunday, October 18, 2009

VA - Cabbage Part 2 (Cauchy Productions)

I noticed that tristan.koreya posted Cabbage Part IV a couple months ago. That's a great comp with equally ridiculous cover art.  This is the second installment from the series.  I'm particularly fond of Asmodaeus' work(so much so that I added an image to the blog, of the mythical demon).  De BBO, Man's Hate,  Unovidual, and several others put in good efforts here as well. It's your expected mix from a Belgian tape of this period moving from synth/experimental/punk-post-punk and other directions as well. If any can provide Cabbage Parts 1 and 3, please drop a note.



Anonymous said...

Any more music from "Collectionism" known/available?

Johan NL

bingo said...


A few mentions on discogs including a full tape, but all I could scratch up is this comp that has them collaborating on a track:

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your quick response and info.
Dedicated follower of your blog, Johan N:)L

Anonymous said...

Could anyone of you offer the V/A Cabbage Part 1 &/or 3??
I'd appreciate that a lot - just set another comment here.
vr G.

9ynh said...

#1 posted on Crispy Nuggets a few days back, just #3 left then :)

Murray said...

I wonder if anyone here could help? I'm looking for a good quality copy of the Collectionism track from this tape for an LP compilation I'm planning. I've contacted both Collectionism and Cauchy but sadly neither has a good quality version of the track or tape. Unfortunately, on the version of the track here, the tape stops and starts during the 'breakdown' of the track so it's not really useable.

Bingo, could you help? Or does anyone out there have a copy of the tape and could digitise this track for me? Any help would be greatly appreciated, and rewarded ;)


bingo said...

Murray, I still have the tape but my deck is currently not functional. Let me see if I can find a working deck to pull a new copy off. My guess is that the flaw is on the tape though. I can’t recall ignoring my copy was an original or if someone like Borft re-ran it and I got it from there. I’ll see what I can dig up.