Sunday, October 18, 2009

VA - Cabbage Part 2 (Cauchy Productions)

I noticed that tristan.koreya posted Cabbage Part IV a couple months ago. That's a great comp with equally ridiculous cover art.  This is the second installment from the series.  I'm particularly fond of Asmodaeus' work(so much so that I added an image to the blog, of the mythical demon).  De BBO, Man's Hate,  Unovidual, and several others put in good efforts here as well. It's your expected mix from a Belgian tape of this period moving from synth/experimental/punk-post-punk and other directions as well. If any can provide Cabbage Parts 1 and 3, please drop a note.


Saturday, October 3, 2009

ConGen - New Dramatic Electronic Music

This is one I'd been wondering about for a long time.  Legendary German synth icon meets New York downtown oddball artist, strange music ensues.  To my knowledge Gen Ken has dabbled in audio throughout his career, examples being Gen Ken & The Equipment and a pretty cool Greatest Hits LP on De Fabriek (Man from Mars being a standout track).  There's also some very early cassette action in the 81- 84 time-frame that I'd love to hear if anyone out there has these.

About this LP, side A contains a dotting of tracks that remind me of Moebius' Tonspuren on Sky label.  Side B appears to be an incomplete 8-part piece that never really breaks.  Hence the reason I left it as a single track.  If you look at the insert there are titles to some sections, but it seems intentionally incomplete, almost a tongue-in-cheek thing much as I feel the album's title may be.