Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Last Man in Europe Corporation - Songs From The Ark

I happened to notice a lot of people looking for this one in the comments of other blogs. So here it is. I think you'll find it sparse and quite staid compared to A Certain Bridge.



Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this LP, it's indeed a bit lacking compared with their first release but Midas Touch is a godly track.

Anonymous said...

If even so, I have been wanting to hear this for a long time. Thank-you so much frined:)

bingo said...

My pleasure. Not exactly what folks expected I know, but it's simply what exists.

Paul said...

I'm Paul Martland. one half of LMIE (as we called ourselves) This album was the tip of the iceberg - there's lots of out-takes and a couple of 12 inch mixes that never saw the light of day.

We also did a whole album's worth of demos for EMI - Sons Of The Soil is a classic.

I latterly did sessions with Strawberry Switchblade. Chiefs Of Relief and Win. Don't know what Trevor got up to.

bingo said...

Paul, thanks for posting. Are you talking to anyone about releasing any of that material? There are several reputable labels now doing short boutique runs of things that never saw the light of day. Minimal Wave, Vinyl On Demand, Annalogue Records come to mind first. If it has that edge that ACB and some of the tracks on Ark had then I'm sure there would be some interest.