Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Martin Newell - Songs for a Fallow Land

Inaugural post to what is sure to be a "lite" blog of relative obscurities.
I'll update with aggregator host links later. For now RS.

Martin of Cleaners From Venus released this beauty in Spring 1985.

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Anonymous said...

thanks for this

I love the cleaners, and this is one of the harder to find entries..even in mp3

Christopher Lux said...

Looking forward to seeing more. Love anymore Cleaners stuff, looking for The Stray Trolly's album. Like the minimal Synth stuff. Thanks for the Nice big Scan too! Hello from San Francisco!

David Lawrence said...

thanks, this is awesome!
i posted a personalized compilation of Cleaners material on my blog.

Tony said...

this is incredible. thanks so much.

gilhodges said...

Thanks Bingo! It's a lovely thing.

Timmy said...

Thanks for posting this! I just picked up a vinyl copy of the reissue on a whim and was blown away. I thought it'd be hard to track it down digitally.

Anonymous said...

HELLO!! there's any chang you reupload martin newell's "Songs for a fallow land" '? i can't find it anywhere : (

thanks, greetings from Argentina : )